Water Meter LXRG-40~200

Vertical helix type water meter

This meter can be used for a remote reading transmission system as equipped with a built-in sensor.




--Measuring the volume of water passing through the pipeline.



--High accuracy,wide flow range

--High sensitivity due to the vertical helix turbine directly magnetic coupling with the reigster

--Special straight pipes are not needed for installation,as the internal measuring unit with stainless steel filter for easy fitting and maintenance

--Removable element structure, easy installation and maintenance, register for universal use within this range detachable without Removing the meter from the pipeline;

--Dry-dial, Magnetic drive sensitive action, negligent pressure loss;

--High wear-resisting bearing for its stable operation and long life of measurement;

--Selected high quality materials for steady & reliable characteristic;

--Manufactured and tested in accordince to standard ISO4064

Working condition

Water temperature: 0.1℃~30℃

Water pressure: ≤1Mpa (1.6MPa for special requirement)      

Maximum permissible errors

  • in the lower zone from qmin inclusive up to but excluding qt is ±5%
  • in the upper zone from qt inclusive up to and including qs is ±2% (±3% for hot water meter)

Main technical specifications

Dimensions (The Flange connections according to ISO7005-2)

NOTE: Special requirements for flange are available.