Water Meter LXDG(R)-15~25

Single-jet, vane wheel, dry-dial water meter


--Measuring the volume of potable water passing through the pipeline.



--Single-jet, dry-dial, free rotating register, small in size and light in weight.

--Magnetic drive, Resistance to exterior magnet interference.

--Vacuum sealed register to keep the reading clear in a long term service.

--Manufactured and tested in accordince to standard ISO4064.


Working condition:

--Water temperature: 0.1℃~30℃ for cold water.

                 0.1℃~90℃ for hot water.

--Water pressure : ≤1.0Mpa


Optional Feature(Please specifing in the order):

--Non return valve;

--NPT Coupling threads


Note:For hot water,the Model:LXDGR-15~25


Maximum Permissible Error:

(1) in the lower zone from qmin inclusive up to but excluding qt is ±5%.

(2) in the upper zone from qt inclusive up to and including qs is ±2%.(±3% for hot water meter)

Main technical specifications:

Model Size
Class qs qp qt qmin Minimum Reading Maximum Reading
m3/h L/h m3
LXDG(R)-15 15 B 3 1.5 120 30 0.00005 99,999
LXDG(R)-20 20 B 5 2.5 200 50 0.00005 99,999
LXDG(R)-25 25 B 7 3.5 280 70 0.00005 99,999

Dimensions :

Model Size L B H Connecting Thread
mm D d
LXDG(R)-15 15 110 82 89 G3/4B R1/2
LXDG(R)-20 20 130 82 89 G1B R3/4
LXDG(R)-25 25 130 82 89 G11/4B R1

The dial