Water Meter GL-50A~300A

Basket type strainer

Strainers provide economical protection for costly pumps,meters,valves,and other similar mechanical equipment by straining foreign matter from the connceted piping system.


--Protect the water meter in the pipeline from the damage of solid impurties to ensure the normal measurement of the water meter.


--The filter shell is made of ductile iron;

--Stainless steel material filter, extended the service life of the product;

--The filter screen is curved, which increases the filtration factor and flow capacity and reduces the pressure loss;

--The bottom of the filter net is a pocket, easy to clean dirt.

Working condition

Water temperature: 0.1℃~30℃

Water pressure: ≤1Mpa (1.6MPa for special requirement)

Dimensions (The Flange connections according to ISO7005-2)

Size(mm) Length(mm) H1(mm) H2(mm) External diameter
Bolt circle diameter
Connecting bolts nXM
DN50 150 157 157.5 φ165 φ125 4×M16
DN65 150 174 177.5 φ185 φ145 4×M16
DN80 170 188 192.5 φ200 φ160 8×M16
DN100 180 213 212.5 φ220 φ180 8×M16
DN125 180 237 240 φ250 φ210 8×M16
DN150 200 285.5 277.5 φ285 φ240 8×M20
DN200 220 344.5 332.5 φ340 φ295 8×M20(PN10)
DN250 240 413 387.5 φ395 350 12×M20(PN10)
418 397.5 φ405 355 12×M24(PN16)
DN300 250 463 437.5 φ445 400 12×M20(PN10)
470.5 452.5 φ460 410 12×M24(PN16)

NOTE: Special requirements for flange are available.