Water Meter LXH-15~20

Rotary Piston Liquid Sealed Water Meter

This type of water meter can be used for a remote reading transmission system as equipped with a built-in sensor.




--For measurement of high flows of cold potable water passing through the pipeline.





--Volumetric rotary piston principle of measurement;

--LXH-15~20 is no location limitation for installation. Accuracy is not to be affected wherever installed at a horizontal, vertical or inclined pipeline;

--Register is sealed with a special liquid to keep a clear reading in long term service;

--Mechanism use of high-quality material to ensure a stable characteristic;

--Accurate measurement with conformity to ISO 4064 class C.



Technical data conform to International Standard ISO 4064.



Measuring the volume of cold portable water passing through the pipeline.



Type Size (mm) Class qs Overload Flow qp Permanent Flow qt Transitional Flow qmin Minimum Flow Minimum Reading Maximum Reading
m3/h L/h m3
LXH-15 15 C 3 1.5 22.5 15 0.0001 9,999
LXH-20 20 C 5 2.5 37.5 25 0.0001 9,999


Type Size L Length B Width d Connecting Thread
LXH-15 15 115 85.2 G3/4B
LXH-20 20 130 85.2 G1B

Pressure Loss Curve